Tuesday, February 22, 2011

San Diego

I spent this last weekend playing at E-Street Cafe and The Living Room in San Diego with Nate and Nikko. It is always a bit daunting getting up on stage in these situations. I wonder if anyone is going to pay attention. Or worse, if people are going to walk out as I disrupt the serenity of the mix CD in the background.

Sunday afternoon, we sat ourselves on a park bench by the seals in La Jolla and started playing our music. Most people walked by without stopping. Some people paused for an awkward second before shuffling their kids onward. I've never busked before and I can't say that it was a particularly fulfilling experience (we did make $7 though. Ha!).

What made the difference in these otherwise awkward situations was that one person that stopped and listened- at the cafe and on the sidewalk. So to whoever you are- thank you for teaching me the importance of stopping and listening.

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